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Alat Laboratorium Umum Durometer Shore C Hardness Tester Ukur Kekerasan Material Foam Sponge
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Alat Laboratorium Umum

Alat ukur kekerasan skala shore. Biasa disebut Durometer Hardness Tester

Ada 3 jenis :
Shore A untuk mengukur material yang tidak keras seperti karet, kulit dan wax.
Shore C untuk mengukur foam, sponge
Shore D untuk mengukur material yang lebih keras seperti ebonite, resin keras, akrilik, kaca, piringan cetak dan fiber

NOTE: Produk di halaman ini untuk Shore C. Bila yang anda perlukan Shore A atau D cek di daftar produk kami lainnya

Durometer Hardness Test
A Durometer is an instrument that is commonly used for measuring the indentation hardness of rubbers/elastomers and soft plastics such as polyolefin, fluoropolymer, and vinyl. A Durometer simply uses a calibrated spring to apply a specific pressure to an indenter foot. The indenter foot can be either cone or sphere shaped. An indicating device measures the depth of indentation. Durometers are available in a variety of models and the most popular testers are the Model A used for measuring softer materials and the Model D for harder materials


With clear LCD display for easy to read
Compact pocket size to take along
Wide measuring range with high resolution
0.5HC resolution
Easy to store with plastic box
Button Battery is included
Perfect for Foam, Sponge
Main Functions:

On/off switch: power on and off
H key: hold the reading
Zero function: reset the readouts

Range: 0-100HC
Resolution: 0.5HC
Accuracy: no more than 1%
Power:1.5 cell
Working temperature: 0- 40 

Package Content:

1x Digital shore C hardness durometer
1x Plastic box with foam

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