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Alat Laboratorium Umum Vibration Meter GM63A atau Alat Ukur Getar Digital

Jual Alat Laboratorium Umum Vibration Meter GM63A atau Alat Ukur Getar Digital

Spesifikasi Alat Laboratorium Umum Vibration Meter GM63A atau Alat Ukur Getar Digital

Alat Laboratorium Umum

Vibration meter adalah alat ukur getaran yang biasanya digunakan pada mesin yang menghasilkan getaran pada penggunaannya. Dengan analisa getaran dapat diketahui kondisi, problem, dan kerusakan mesin.

Dengan melakukan kontrol dan analisa getaran secara berkala, maka sesuatu yang tidak normal pada mesin dapat dideteksi sebelum kerusakan besar terjadi.

Vibration meter is widely and flexible applied in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery, mine or other industries.

This GM63A Professional Analysis Vibration Meter is widely used to monitor vibration state of mechanical equipment and diagnose fault. This vibration meter functions to measure acceleration, velocity and displacement. High precision and high stability advantages add its use value and cost performance. With an AC output socket, it is accessible to receive signal conveniently. Besides, designed with a strap on its side is portable to carry during use. It is energy-saving and environmentally friendly just needs one battery. Dont miss this opportunity!


Measure Acceleration, Velocity and Displacement
Highly accurate with 5% difference up and down
You can choose different vibration frequency features
Data output function
LCD backlight display function
Low battery indication is energy-saving
Auto power off function

Acceleration: 0.1-199.9m/s
Velocity: 0.1-1999.9m/s
Displacement: 0.001-1.999mm (p-p) (Velocity and displacement range is limited by acceleration 199.9 m/s)
Measurement Accuracy: 5%
Different vibration frequency selection:
Acceleration: 10Hz-1KHz(LO);1KHz-15KHz(HI)
Velocity: 10Hz-1KHz(LO)
Displacement: 10Hz-1KHz(LO)
LCD display: 3 digits display
Vibration pickup: Piezoelectric ceramic accelerometer(shear-type)
Data output: AC output peak (dispaly full scale)
Load impedance:

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